Survey Predicts Ondo Elections To Be Peaceful; 79% Political Interference In The Work of INEC

CLEEN Foundation has made public its Security Threats Assessment for Ondo State gubernatorial election coming up on Saturday, October 10, 2020.

The Election Security Threats Assessment, ESTA, report explores election risk factors in the upcoming 2020 Ondo governorship election.

In a copy of the report obtained by Newsbriefng, about 851 respondents across the 18 Local Government Areas (LGAs) were administered the questionnaire designed by the Electoral Institute of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and CLEEN Foundation, and it shows that 86.4 percent of the respondents believe that the election will be peaceful while 4.3 percent of respondents think otherwise.

It believes the possibility of a peaceful governorship election in the state is very high, especially if all the key actors discharge their responsibilities professionally and competently.

The foundation’s finding also says the partiality of INEC officials is estimated at about (83.0%), substitution of trained electoral officials (74.8%), failure to prosecute electoral offenders (72.9%), poor voter education (72.9%), movement/distribution of election materials (71.4%), distribution of PVCs (68.7%), quality of electoral officials (68.7%), and underage registration (68.2%). Corruption and integrity of the judiciary is put (85.4%); conflicting and contradicting court decisions (78.3%); partiality of the judiciary (77.7%), delay in the handling of pre-election cases (74.3%); and capacity of the judiciary (71.2%)

Cleen foundation recommends the following:

– Collaboration and continuous stakeholders’ engagement (INEC, political parties, security agencies, mass media and CSOs), Intensification of political education and sensitization of citizens by stakeholders,

– Effective regulation of the mass media: ensure compliance with established rules and standards; and punishment for defaulters.

– Detection and punishment for the broadcasting/publishing of fake news and hate speech.

– Greater attention to the training, welfare and professionalism of security agents

– Effective regulation of political finance to reduce undue influence of money

– Special engagement with young people by stakeholders is critical.

– Prompt responses to the early warning signs identified in this and other related reports

– Arrest and prosecution of electoral offenders

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